List your aircraft in 5 easy steps!

Listing your aircraft for sale on Plane Sales USA only takes a couple of minutes.

Firstly, if you're not already a member you'll need to register an account. Simply click register in the top right of your screen.

Once you're logged in, listing an aircraft is a simple 5 step process. It's up to you to put as much or as little information about your aircraft as you like.

Just follow these 5 easy steps when adding your aircraft listing:

Step 1: Enter your aircraft details. Make sure you save the listing details as you go along.

Step 2: Enter the seller contact details. This is where all customer inquiries will be forwarded to.

Step 3: Upload images and/or video of your aircraft. We allow you to upload a maximum of 10 photos per listing. Try and keep the image size less than 4mb per image. If you have a YouTube video, you can add this as well.

Step 4: Add keywords and meta descriptions to make your listing more visible through SEO (Search Engine Optimisation - this is for the computer geeks and is optional).

Step 5: Acknowledge our terms and conditions and either make the payment and publish your listing; or if we've sent you a discount coupon, enter the code word in the box to publish your listing.

If you need to pause midway through your listing, you can save and continue your listing at any time during the process. You can also edit your listing at any time by simply logging into your account.

Many thanks

The Plane Sales USA Team

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why choose us?

  • Fixed price until sold
  • Great search functionality
  • Quickest and most effective way to sell an aircraft
  • Feedback that lets you know how you are performing
  • Members section full of great features
  • Discounts available for dealerships
  • Completely backed by our dedicated support staff

List your aircraft. Sell your aircraft. Sold!

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