Frequently Asked Questions

First step is to sign up as a member. All you need to do is supply a name, email address (that'll be your user name) and a password. The password must contain a capital letter, a numeral and be at least 8 characters.

Here's our simple and straight forward pricing structure (and it's not hidden away in the fine print).

Private Sellers

For private sellers we offer a one off listing fee of only $75.00. Once paid your aircraft stays online until it's sold.

Aircraft Dealers/Commercial Sellers

For aircraft dealers we have a discounted pricing structure.

For single listings we offer a one off listing fee of only $55.00. Your listings stay online until sold.

If you wish you can pay via Electronic Funds Transfer as opposed to paying online. Simply create your listing under your profile then contact site admin to arrange payment.

The maximum file size is 5mb. Remember the larger the file size the longer it takes for the image to upload from your computer to the Plane Sales website. The best size is around 760 x 510

Simply click the register tab in the top right corner of the home page. All you'll need to sign up is a name, email and password. Your email will be your username. The password requires 6 characters in total containing at least 1 capital letter and 1 number.

That's easy. Simple cut and past the You Tube address from your browser into the box provided. Make sure you hit the Save Video button before moving on to another page.

Yes and we don't charge you to do it. Just email us via the contact page and we'll be in touch. Make sure you sign up as a member first so we can place the listing under your profile.

Absolutely. One of the great things our site does is allow you to upload images directly from the camera scroll on your mobile, cell or tablet device. You can even create the entire listing this way. Once you've created your listing you can simply head out to the local airfield, grab a few pictures of your aircraft on your mobile or tablet device then upload the images straight to your listing.

Adding a listing is quick and easy, just follow these 5 steps when you are ready to sell your aircraft:

  • Step 1: Enter your aircraft details. There are a few mandatory fields but essentially you can put as much or as little information as you like.
  • Step 2: Enter the seller contact details. This is where you want any customer inquiries to be forwarded to. There's an option of adding a second email address if you're selling on behalf of someone else and you want them to see any enquiries that come through. There's also an option to disable the email enquiry function so you only receive phone calls about the aircraft. This is entirely at your discretion.
  • Step 3: Upload images of your aircraft. Simply hit the upload button and select the image from your computer. We allow you to upload a maximum of 10 photos per listing. Try and keep the image size between 3mb – 4mb. If you have a YouTube video, you can add this as well.
  • Step 4: Add keywords and Meta descriptions. This is for computer geeks and is optional but will make the listing more visible through SEO.
  • Step 5: Make Payment and publish your listing.

For private sellers the payment is made via credit or debit card once you have created your listing. The payment page is the last part of the listing process. You can select the feature you want by ticking the boxes on the payment page. You can also preview your listing prior to paying. If you're a commercial account holder you do not need to pay online. We will publish the listing and send you an invoice.

That's easy. When you first sign up as a Plane Sales member you will automatically be registered as a Private Seller. This is because the site only requires a name, email and password to register. All you need to do now is select Dealership from the toolbar and then enter a couple of details. Once that information is saved you will now be registered as a Dealer/Commercial Seller. From here you can enter as much or as little as you like about your business. Your payment structure will automatically be set to our dealer pricing.

If you're running an Aircraft Brokerage, Dealership or Auction House you may want give sales staff access to your account.

There's 3 ways you can do this depending on the level of security you feel is suitable for your business.

Option 1. Allow your admin person and sales staff to use your username and password to access the Plane Sales website. They will be able to edit any current listings plus add new ones to the site, all under your profile.

Option 2. If your business has multiple sales staff across numerous locations then giving them their own log in and access codes may be the answer. All you need to do is fill in their name and email on the "Add Sales Rep" form and hit "Send Activation". You will find this feature under the "ad sales rep" tab under your dealer profile. NOTE: For option 2 you cannot use an email address that is currently associated with your Plane Sales account. The sale person must have their own email address.

Option 3. Allow your sales people to run their own account. They can use your Logo (with your permission) and then create, edit and pay for all their own listings.

The first thing is to contact us and have a chat about what you're trying to achieve. We need to know as much about your business as you need to know about ours. We'll then go away and come up with a monthly plan and budget. This could be as little as $100.00 and may involve web banners combined with social media.

Yes we can. The cost ranges from $100.00 to $150.00 depending on the time involved. Once the first draft is completed we'll give you the opportunity to review your banner and make any changes. Once completed the IP for the advert is yours to do with as you wish.

We charge month to month to run a banner advert and you can take as little as 1 month at a time. Packages start at $50 per month + GST for a basic banner. There's no formal contracts locking you in. We'll invoice you monthly so you can keep in control of your budgeting and if you decide to cancel your advert just let us know.

We'll also give you feedback on how your ad is performing including click through's and page impressions. As a banner ad customer you also get to access to our Social Media pages including Facebook with over 4000 followers. On top of that you can supply a news item or press release that we will post on our news page.

All our costs and site figures are listed in our media kit available via our advertise page in the bottom toolbar.

Plane Sales use a San Francisco company by the name of Stripe to process all of our online transactions securely. If you would like to find out more about Stripe, please visit their website here. We've also introduced Bpay and Electronic Funds Transfer as payment options on top of our existing debit and credit card facilities. Contact site admin if you would like to use either of these methods.

When you log onto some websites you will notice a small Padlock in the top toolbar. This tells you that the particular page you're viewing is encrypted. For instance, Banks, Facebook and Google all encrypt every page of their websites. This is what we've done at Plane Sales to keep the site as secure as possible. We've also gone with a Green level of security which is the highest available.

Let's get it out in the open. If you're advertising online there's a very good chance you'll receive spam enquiries. Anyone who say's they eliminated spam completely is kidding themselves and lying to their customers. Here's what we've done, and you can do, to mitigate the spammers.

  • The email enquiry function can be switched off and the sellers can opt to receive phone enquiries only.
  • Vice versa also applies and having a phone number displayed is not a mandatory filed.
  • Cell/mobile phones are handy but they also allow spammers to send text enquiries. Try just listing a land line number.
  • Every page of the Plane Sales website is encrypted.
  • Any email enquiry sent via the site needs to have a code entered manually before it can be sent to a seller.
  • Our admins can see every enquiry made on the site in real time and have the ability to block any user who appears to be sending Spam.
  • All enquiries are vetted by our site admins before being forwarded to the seller - NO SPAM.

Remember if you're ever in doubt about the validity of an enquiry just send us a copy and we'll check it out.

No we do not. Plane Sales use a third party payment gateway to process all our online transactions. This company is a San Francisco based business called Stripe. They process all our transactions. We do not hold any card details on our website.

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