2020 Pipistrel Panthera

Single Engine Propeller


2020 Pipistrel Panthera
Aircraft TypeSingle Engine Propeller
ConditionUsed Aircraft
Sale TypeFor Sale
CurrencyUS $
Price $760,000
LocationCalifornia, United States
Registration NoN920GP
Serial NumberPX1520009
Year Built2020
Total Time Airframe70

The sky has opened-up like never before and borders are falling every day. The need for travelling long distances quickly and efficiently has never been greater. Imagine an airplane, that can fully take advantage of small, short-runway airfields that bring you closer than ever to your destination or fly around the world and open a whole new world of opportunities. Panthera is an airplane that is carefully designed to keep you safe, comfortable, being at the same time quiet and friendly to the environment. It is an innovative airplane, which instantly catches attention.

Engine Specifications

Lycoming IO-540V-V4A5
max power 260 hp / 194 kW
max take off mass, MTOM 1315 kg / 2900 lb (subject to extension to 1360 kg / 3000 lb)
useful payload 500 kg / 1100 lb
total usable fuel 2 x 105 l / 2 x 27.7 gal
full fuel payload 350 kg / 770 lb
stall speed (flaps extended), VS0 55 KIAS
stall speed (flaps retracted), VS 60 KIAS
maneuvering speed, VA 143 KIAS
never exceed speed, VNE 220 KIAS
Performance cruise speed at 75% power 198 KTAS, FL 80
climb rate at MTOM and VY 6.6 m/s / 1300 ft/min
take off ground roll 372 m / 1220 ft
take-off distance (50 ft obstacle) 657 m / 2155 ft
landing distance (50 ft obstacle) 706 m / 2316 ft
landing ground roll 346 m / 1135 ft
fuel consumption at 75% power 56 l/h / 14.8 gal/h
range (with 45 min reserve) > 1000 nm, 155 KTAS, FL 120, 4 people aboard (4 x 86 kg)
ceiling 7600 m / FL250


Garmin G3X GDU 460 dual 10-inch display PFD and MFD (dual ADAHRS, Synthetic Vision, EMS, ARINC module)
Garmin GMC 307 2-axis GPS-slaved digital autopilot
Garmin GTN 750 Xi Com/Nav/IFR GPS, touch screen
Garmin GTN 650 Xi Second Com/NAV/IFR GPS, touch screen
Garmin GMA 35 Remote Audio Panel, Intercom
Garmin GTX 345R Transponder Mode C/S ES ADS-B In/Out
Artex ELT 345 (406 MHz)
Mid-Continent Instruments SAM Backup Airspeed, Backup Altimeter, Backup Artificial Horizon


One of the major design points of Panthera is the state-of-the-art ergonomic cabin. All features provide superior comfort and usability for people of all sizes. Access is easy via three large gull-wing style doors, two in the front for pilot and co-pilot and one for the back row of seats. Pilot and co-pilot seats are adjustable. The central stick is ergonomic and provides the sporty feel signature to Panthera. The two back seats are very wide and convenient. There is a supersized – standard cabin luggage sized – cargo door, but the cargo can also be accessed from the cockpit during the flight! The interior is furnished with the highest quality leather and LED lighting for exclusive feel and functionality. Climate is controlled thanks to the on-board air-condition with automatic ventilation (optional). It will keep you cool during the summer and warm during the winter. Also special is the solar-powered ventilation which keeps the cabin cool when Panthera is parked outside in the sun.


Panthera is designed by applying the most modern design and construction techniques, on top of 30 years of knowledge, experience and excellence in building aircraft. Panthera's organic curves are a product of optimization through advanced, in-house developed computer tools, where each detail is designed to ensure minimum drag and maximum efficiency.

It is specially optimized to ensure minimum noise and maximum performance, reducing the aircraft's environmental footprint and increasing cabin comfort. Panthera also features all-electric systems for component actuation. Its titanium trailing-link undercarriage, flaps and trim are all electrically operated, resulting in low weight and maximum reliability by removing the need for complex and heavy hydraulic systems. All internal and external lighting is realized using state-of-the-art LED technology, providing for better clarity, recognition and feel.

*PLEASE NOTE: Aircraft specifications are subject to verification by the purchaser. It is up to you as the purchaser to conduct your due diligence. Unless given to you in writing by the seller, no warranties are implied or given. Aircraft or parts may be withdrawn from sale at any time. If the price does not contain the notation that it is the total price, the price may or may not include costs such as Stamp Duty, Transfer fees, GST and other State or Federal charges. Please confirm price, fees, charges and features with the seller of the Aircraft or Part.

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Seller Information

Contact Name:SJ McKee
Seller Type:Dealer
Dealership:USA Aircraft Brokers
Location:California, United States
Cell:(503) 563-3555
Listing ID:7719

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