As a broker and air carrier based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, South American Broker is the leading aircraft consulting, acquisitions, sales and maintenance services company in Latin America and the Caribbean. After 24 years operating in the region, we have become an important player in the aeronautical sector's growth. We are also one of the region's most trusted suppliers and are heavily relied upon for investment as expansion projects move forward. In fact, we are the company of choice for customers, investors and partners who plan to enter Latin American's aviation market or who require external support when executing their development plans.


To guide our clients when selecting, purchasing, selling or leasing aircraft, providing them with specialized advice and support from our extensively trained professional team, so they can be confident about finding the right investment options.

  • Aircraft Finance
  • Aircraft Insurance
  • Aircraft Leasing
  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Aircraft Parking (Hanger)
  • Aircraft Parking (Outdoor)
  • Bathroom / Showers
  • FBO
  • Ferry Services and Pilot Hire
  • Fuel (Jet A)
  • Used Aircraft Sales
South American Brokers

Contact Details

Trading Name: South American Brokers
Address: Studio 1, Office 307, C.P. 1671
Location: Argentina
Head of Aircraft sales: Oscar Roman
Office:+54 (11) 4871-8604
Cell:+54 (11) 3084-6177
Search Results: 12 Aircraft for Sale
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