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CB Aviation was formed from the perspective of avid aviation enthusiasts. With decades of collective success in the automotive sales industry, we had the unique benefit of reviewing the aircraft sales industry from an outside perspective and seized the opportunity to approach the industry from a fresh perspective. What we realized was that while nobody would doubt the impact of the Internet on global marketing opportunities, we didn't find any companies singularly devoted to international strategic marketing – which we have strategically identified as our unique selling proposition as the newcomer to the industry.

CB Aviation has a revolutionary new way to market your aircraft. CB Aviation will guarantee that we can sell your aircraft for the maximum price the current global market will allow. CB Aviation also maintains an average days on market of 90 days or less on all our listings by utilizing our 35 full-time, international Sales Managers working around the clock to sell your aircraft.

Simply put, CB Aviation will expose your aircraft to more potential buyers, in less time than any other Broker in the world. This will allow you to sell your aircraft as quickly as possible, saving you from unnecessary hangar fees and maintenance costs once the decision is made to sell. When determining a price for your aircraft, we will utilize ourinternational team to ensure that we price the aircraft correctly for today's global market, ensuring that you get an offer in writing quickly and efficiently. When it comes to potential buyers, we will handle all inquiries and negotiations until a written offer is made. Saving you, countless hours of looking through log books to answer questions and following up with each and every opportunity.

  • Aircraft Finance
  • Aircraft Insurance
  • Aircraft Leasing
  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Aircraft Parking (Hanger)
  • Aircraft Parking (Outdoor)
  • Aircraft Parts
  • Bathroom / Showers
  • FBO
  • Food
  • Fuel (Avgas)
  • Fuel (Jet A)
  • Pilot Lounge
  • Toilet facilities
  • Used Aircraft Sales
President:Cory Bengtzen
Phone:+1 801 860 9762
Address:3715 Airport Road, 84405
Location:Ogden, Utah, United States

Director of sales:Michael Patwin
Phone:+1 801 621 0326
Address:3715 Airport Road, 84405
Location:Ogden, Utah, United States
CB Aviation

Contact Details

Trading Name: CB Aviation
Address: 3715 Airport Road, Ogden
Location: Utah, United States
President: Cory Bengtzen
Office:+ 1 801 621 0326
Cell:+ 1 801 860 9762
Trading Hours:Mon - Fri 8.00am - 5.00pm
Search Results: 7 Aircraft for Sale
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